Spikes Cavell joins CSC

On May 5th 2016 CSC (NYSE: CSC), a leading provider of next-generation technology solutions and services, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Xchanging plc, Spikes Cavell’s parent company. Spikes Cavell is now part of CSC.

What makes Spikes Cavell different?

For the past 10 years our expert staff have been dedicated to delivering business intelligence that significantly improves spend visibility for government bodies, educational institutions and large corporations on both sides of the Atlantic. We deliver the critical spend intelligence needed to manage spend more strategically, drive cooperative procurement, change buying behavior and deliver and measure savings.

Data Transformation

Good data, that is fit-for-purpose, is the foundation on which procurement strategy and operational execution rests. That’s why we spend as much time and effort as we do focused on getting your data into the best possible shape. Our hybrid data transformation methodology is an effective combination of people, process, data and technology designed to deliver the best possible analytical outcome regardless of the quality of the source data.

Analyze your Spend

Most business intelligence tools are designed by a systems person for a systems person to use. That might work for the systems person but we don’t think it works very well for everyone else. The Observatory is our modular suite of analytical tools delivered in the CLOUD and built by business people for business people to use.

Deliver Citizen Friendly Transparency

The public sector is a financial powerhouse whose spending contributes significantly to the health of the economy. But if a citizen or local small business wants to know how tax dollars were spent, it’s a more difficult than it should be. That’s why we developed spotlightonspend.
The strategic management of spend requires a considered assessment of the vendors, categories and procurement initiatives that will deliver the highest business value. But to make the right business decisions you need the right business intelligence.

Manage Spend Strategically >>

Better leverage of spend you have in common with others in a buying group or consortium is a potentially significant source of savings. But without a consistent, reliable and standardized view of spend by category across the group it’s challenging to accomplish.

Procure Cooperatively >>

Transformation of the way an organization procures goods and services can only be accomplished with the engagement of budget holders and buyers across the organization. The right intelligence, appropriately presented can help.

Change Buying Behavior >>

Delivering procurement savings requires a systematic, proactive and ongoing program of savings opportunity identification that is firmly rooted in fact. But delivery is only part of the story. Evidencing your success in terms the business folk understand is important too.

Save Money, Evidence Success >>