Procurement is your job, procurement analytics is ours.

The value we bring is in the translation of business needs, growth aspirations and areas of concern into analytics solutions that have the potential to fundamentally change the face of procurement in your organization.

Procurement Analytics will be a key enabler in modernizing the procurement operating model. Data driven decision making and automation will allow skilled professionals to focus on strategic objectives and innovation. Working with our procurement analytics center of expertise will give you a head start.


Spend Analytics

For the last 14 years, we have focused our data & analytics capability to delivering spend analysis solutions to over 3,000 public, private, just getting started and mature procurement organizations across the world.

As a data company, our first priority is to address any data deficiencies and enrich the data so that the spend analysis answers the questions you have, bringing the experience that we have gained through working with many procurement professionals. We then present the data in a way that is most appropriate for a whole range of increasingly self-sufficient users that want to access the analysis for themselves.


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Procurement Analytics

On top of our spend analytics solutions, we have delivered additional procurement analytics insights into risk, supplier diversity, P2P process, contracts & compliance, benchmarking and multi-organization purchasing collaboration.

Driving value, efficiency and risk reduction in the procurement function requires a fundamental understanding of sourcing, spending, process, supplier and contract data – firmly rooted in facts. With a solid and reliable base of spend analytics, we aggregate other procurement and business performance data into an advance data analytics platform that drives continuous improvement, digitization of procurement processes and prediction of demand and risk.


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Across sectors our Procurement Analytics solutions help:

  • deliver the full value of every $, £ or € spent
  • free up funds for new initiatives, capital improvements, research and development
  • improve competitive process, P2P, contract and supplier management efficiency
  • monitor and measure performance
  • manage and reduce supplier performance, financial exposure and reputational risk

For Government and socially responsible businesses, our solutions help:

  • identify local suppliers to drive job creation and economic stimulation
  • measure the policy impact of spending decisions on small, local, minority and women owned businesses
  • promote transparency to stakeholders

There is no magic black box that can turn poor quality, incomplete and inconsistent data into analytical gold.  Spikes Cavell brings experience, diligence, process automation, reference data, and pragmatism to your procurement analytics requirements.

... years serving as trusted advisors to senior procurement and finance professionals delivering procurement analytics solutions

... customers served including Fortune 500 companies and an entire country, many for 5+ years

... billion dollars of spend data transformed across large, complex organizations with multiple data sources

... procurement and finance data sets analyzed and transformed

Examples of our work

Improving visibility to save a nation $1.8bn

Problem: Poor visibility over a European country’s £10bn + annual spend on goods & services leading to higher costs and inefficiency in procurement.
Solution: Capture, aggregation, cleansing, classification and enrichment of spend data for over 100 separate entities. Development of an analytics platform deployed to more than 750 users and used to reduce the costs of purchased goods & services at national, regional and local levels.

Location: Europe

Directing spending to create jobs and opportunity

Problem:  Leverage a European country’s public spending on goods & services to support the growth of the local economy.
Solution: Transformation of spend and aggregation of multiple data sources to facilitate identification and ranking of high potential categories. Delivered as an analytical application with tools to conduct outreach to encourage bid participation.

Location: Europe

Leveraging data to indicate fraud and abuse

Problem: More effective use of data to reduce losses to fraud and financial abuse by UK Government in the giving of grants.
Solution: Review and analysis of Government data sources and development of 124 potential fraud and abuse indicators and a scoring system design to generate ranked and prioritised ‘watch lists’ to support prioritisation of investigative effort.

Location: Europe

Standardizing across borders to drive out cost

Problem: Failure of incumbent to accurately classify a global media company’s $14bn of annual direct and indirect spend.
Solution: Capture, cleansing, classification and enrichment of spend data for 11 business units across multiple geographies. Deployment of an analytics platform to group sourcing used to reduce the costs of commonly purchased goods & services.

Location: North America

Benchmarking peers to identify better performance

Problem: Absence of comparative metrics for a group of US universities to support identification and prioritisation of opportunities to better manage spend.
Solution: Transformation and standardization of spend by category combined with student and faculty data to generate meaningful category specific benchmarks. Delivered as an intelligent dashboard to enable comparison with peer institutions.

Location: North America

Monitoring spend with minority owned businesses

Problem: Lack of metrics to monitor spend with minority owned business and track delivery of policy at a large US school district.
Solution: Transformation of spend data combined with aggregation of external minority business data to enable calculation of spend with minorities delivered as a report and updated quarterly to enable tracking of ‘direction of travel’.

Location: North America

Benchmarking property assets to manage outliers

Problem: Comparative metrics to manage property costs by global property management company too time consuming to compile.
Solution: Aggregation of spend and property data to create benchmarks against which outlying properties and suppliers could be identified to target cost reduction efforts. Delivered as a dashboard that included metrics to support the sales effort.

Location: Europe

Empowering a nation’s ‘armchair auditors’

Problem:  Re-engage electorate and rebuild trust and confidence in politicians and the political system at a major US city.
Solution: Repurposing of transformed spend to render it ‘citizen friendly’. Delivered as and easy-to-use web application accessible directly from the City’s own website to allow citizens, journalists and arm-chair analysts direct access to the City’s spend data.

Location: North America

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