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About Spikes Cavell

The Business: Driving Dollars from Data

Transforming Raw Data into actionable information Spikes Cavell Analytic is an agile and innovative data-centric business with a unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience. We have spent the better part of 25 years transforming raw data into actionable intelligence to enable business people to make better business decisions. For the past 10 years our expert staff have been dedicated to delivering management information and business intelligence that significantly improves spend visibility for government bodies, educational institutions and large corporations on both sides of the Atlantic.

On May 5th 2016 CSC (NYSE: CSC), a leading provider of next-generation technology solutions and services, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Xchanging plc, Spikes Cavell’s parent company. Spikes Cavell is now part of CSC.

The Business Problem: The Spend Data Deficit

If business managers and procurement practitioners are to drive significant incremental value from their organization’s spend on bought-in goods and services, they will need a fundamental understanding of their organization’s spending that is firmly rooted in fact. Unfortunately, getting quickly to those facts takes more time and effort than it should: spend data is often poorly organized, inappropriately categorized, exists in many different systems and is difficult to access.

Addressing this ‘data deficit’ delivers the spend intelligence needed to manage your organization’s spend more strategically, drive cooperative procurement, change buying behavior and deliver and measure savings.

The Solution: Improved Spend and Vendor Visibility

Spikes Cavell addresses the data-deficit so that you don’t have to. We transform, improve and add-value to the raw data in your financial management, e-procurement and purchase card systems to deliver a rich, organized and complete picture of the totality of your organization’s spend on bought-in goods & services. The service also includes an easy-to-use cloud based analytical toolset, training and comprehensive support – all at a reasonable and fixed price.

Spikes Cavell’s managed service:

  • Solves the problem of poor quality spend data without a lot of time and effort required by your organization.
  • Makes it easy to identify opportunities to save money, become more efficient and increase compliance.
  • Delivers reliable spend data and easy to use analytical tools to make strategic sourcing possible.
  • Enables the creation of a central register of your contracts and the matching of spend to contracts to identify potential maverick expenditure.
  • Provides a mechanism to reliably record, analyze and report the savings you deliver.

Data Transformation


The Evidence: 3,000 Datasets

Currently serving more than 250 customers out of two locations – Herndon, VA in the US and Newbury, Berkshire in the UK – our extensive experience extends to the transformation of thousands of datasets (including an entire country) valued at over half a trillion dollars. We are particularly practiced at delivering enterprise-wide spend visibility across large, complex, multi-faceted organizations comprised of many disparate parts.

The Observatory Database

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