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Baltimore County Public Schools, MD, leverages spend visibility to stretch budget in support of educational mission

Baltimore County Public Schools, MD successfully deploys the Spikes Cavell Observatory: massive ROI on annually investment in spend and contract visibility. Invaluable aid to identifying and evaluating opportunities for collaboration with other k-12 school districts.

BCPSLogoHerndon, VA – 13 August 2012  – Baltimore County Public Schools, MD has successfully deployed the Spikes Cavell Observatory to deliver improved spend visibility in support of the procurements team’s drive to make the most of every dollar spent in supporting the delivery of the education of more than 105,000 students at 174 schools, programs, and centers in the County. Baltimore County Public Schools had been working on their own databases and reporting structures for a number of years with the goal of delivering better spend visibility but was never able to fully commit the resources to do the job properly. In contrast the Spikes Cavell Observatory has been implemented with little effort and expense on the school system’s part. For the first time Baltimore County Public Schools has the right intelligence at their fingertips that helps them get a handle on where the money is going and who it’s going to in a way that supports the procurement team’s efforts to stretch short budget dollars in support of the educational mission.

The Spikes Cavell Observatory has been particularly valuable in identifying and evaluating opportunities for collaboration with other k-12 school districts.

Rick Gay, Purchasing Manager, Baltimore County Public Schools, MD stated: "One of the things we’ve been able to do is participate in a pilot program whereby Baltimore County Public Schools and four other school systems of various size are comparing and contrasting their spend data through the Spikes Cavell Observatory. We’re now at the point where we can start to analyze where we have spending in common that could be leveraged for everyone’s benefit. The numbers are big. We’re talking $6M, $8M, $10M in some categories and that makes you a big player under any circumstance. For example right now in a lot of contracts if you’re getting say, 20-25% off list, that’s pretty good. Now by cooperating with our peers and colleagues we’re talking 30-35% and when you’re spending $8M, an additional $800k incremental savings is very meaningful. It also means a massive ROI on what we’re investing annually in spend and contract visibility."

Baltimore County Public Schools is also planning to deploy Spikes Cavell’s spotlightonspend transparency platform to enable citizens in the County and beyond to better understand where Baltimore County Public Schools spends taxpayers money on the goods & services it needs to run schools in the County.

Rick Gay, Purchasing Manager, Baltimore County Public Schools, MD commented: "There have been extra benefits of working with an innovative organization like Spikes Cavell. By way of example, a bill was passed in the legislature this year that mandated that Baltimore County Public Schools would support transparency by posting all of their transactions above $25,000 on the web. So our people started to look at designing it and everything that would go into delivering transparency. I then recalled that I’d had a conversation with Spikes Cavell about an add-on service for the Observatory called spotlightonspend that was designed to deliver the transparency required of us. So we took a look and it became obvious to us that it was already built and there was really no need for us to go through the expense and time and effort of designing our own site. I think once we deploy the system that will pay dividends as it definitely helps position us as a leader and good steward of the tax payers’ dollars. And we we’re able to achieve that as a direct result of our relationship with Spikes Cavell."

The Baltimore County Public Schools case study can be downloaded from http://www.spikescavell.com/casestudies/baltimorecountycasestudy.aspx

About Baltimore County Public Schools, MD

From the Chesapeake Bay to the Maryland–Pennsylvania Line, Baltimore County wraps around but does not include Baltimore City. With more than 800,000 residents, Baltimore County is diverse with residents living in suburban, rural, and urban neighborhoods, reflecting the nation's blend of cultures and backgrounds.

Baltimore County Public Schools is the 26th largest school system in the US and the 3rd largest in Maryland. It’s $1.5 billion budget supports the education of more than 105,000 students at 174 schools, programs, and centers in the County.


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"Working with the outputs from the Spikes Cavell Observatory will enable UI’s procurement team to offer more effective support to the budget holders with the goal of ensuring optimum value is achieved for every $dollar spent on goods and services."

Chris Johnson - Director of Contracts and Purchasing Services, University of Idaho