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NAEP NAEP & Spikes Cavell Establish Strategic Alliance

The National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) and Spikes Cavell Analytic Inc., are delighted to announce their partnership aimed at supporting NAEP’s members in their quest to deliver improved spend and contract visibility.

Extending Spikes Cavell’s long standing and successful strategic alliance with the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), the partnership with NAEP will be bring data transformation services, online tools and analytical insight to the higher education sector (public and private) nationwide. The partnership will also be undertaking ground-breaking analysis of spend data in order to generate reports comprised of comparative metrics and identify key trends in higher education expenditure. The sector specific reports created as a results of the analysis will published periodically and made available to NAEP members.

Doreen Murner, NAEP’s Chief Executive said: "Higher Ed is under considerable pressure to save money and the sector’s procurement practitioners are uniquely placed to contribute. Time and time again our Members have told us that better spend and contract visibility is critical but that it can’t take forever, consume lots of institutional resources or cost the earth. That’s why after a long search for a strategic partner in the area I am excited that the NAEP has established a strategic alliance with Spikes Cavell Analytic Inc., The fact that we’ll also be collaborating to undertake ground-breaking analysis of HE sector spend data to support benchmarking and comparison is an added bonus."

Luke Spikes, Spikes Cavell’s Chief Executive said: "We’re delighted to working alongside the NAEP who has devoted more than 90 years to the development, exchange and practice of effective and ethical procurement principles and techniques within higher education. We look forward to leveraging our experience of delivering data transformation, online tools and analytical insight for more than 1,000 public sector organizations worldwide for the benefit of NAEP’s members in their quest to deliver cash savings for their institutions."

About NAEP

NAEP is a member-focused association providing progressive knowledge management in strategic sourcing, supply chain, materials and logistics for procurement professionals. Since the 1920’s, NAEP has been the non-profit professional association primarily dedicated to serving higher education purchasing officers in the U.S. and Canada. Currently, over 1,500 colleges and universities are members.

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About NIGP

NIGP, the Institute for Public Procurement, has been developing, supporting and promoting the public procurement profession through premier educational and research programs, professional support, technical services and advocacy initiatives that benefit members and constituents since 1944. With over 2,600 member agencies representing over 16,000 professionals across the United States, Canada and countries outside of North America, the Institute is international in its reach.

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Published: 9/19/2011

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"The spend analysis was something that was sorely needed at Tampa. Spikes Cavell and the Observatory are going to help us streamline in a lot of areas."

Gregory Spearman - City of Tampa