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Spikes Cavell to support 67th NIGP Forum, the largest US educational conference for individuals in public purchasing.

Educational program to include spend analysis case study by New York City Department of Administrative Services and Mississippi State University.

NIGPForum2012Herndon, VA – 09 August 2012  – For the fourth consecutive year Spikes Cavell will be delivering educational workshops at NIGP Annual Forum in Seattle, WA. The 67th Annual NIGP Forum and Products Exposition held August 18 -22, 2012 at the Washington State Convention Center is the largest North American educational conference exclusively for individuals in public purchasing. This year Spikes Cavell’s educational program will be helping NIGP members to make progress implementing the NIGP’s Public Procurement Practices through sessions focussed on how to translate the Spend Analysis and Transparency Principles into action at their agencies and a case study presentation on how the New York City Department of Administrative Services and the Mississippi State University have implemented and used spend analysis to deliver positive change for their organizations.

Session 1 - What Should the Public See? The Principles of Spend Transparency in Practice: Sunday August 19th, 3:30-5:00

Thomas Jefferson said, “"We might hope to see the finances of the Union as clear and intelligible as a merchant's books, so that every member of Congress and every man of any mind in the Union should be able to comprehend them, to investigate abuses, and consequently to control them." If you are a cynical person, spend transparency by public organizations is about politicians trying to restore and increase trust in government so that they can get re-elected, political posturing, and because of pressure groups. If you look at it as an optimist, it’s about citizen engagement, accountability, and often a belief that open government is better government. Whatever your viewpoint, the reality is that it’s now expected, enabling technology exists, and it is a challenge to get right. This session focuses specifically on spend and contract transparency in public procurement.

Session 2 - The Principles of Spend Analysis in Practice: How to Put Best Practice Into Action: Monday August 20th, 9:45-11:15

The Public Procurement Practice, Spend Analysis, will be released right before Forum. The concept has become a hot topic in recent years as public organizations battle with reduced revenues, higher costs, and are looking for ways to deliver the same level of service with fewer resources. This workshop weaves together the standards and elements of spend analysis with practical advice and guidance as to how implement those best practices within your organization to leverage transformed expenditure data to develop and implement an informed procurement strategy.

Session 3 - What Can You Do With Spend Analysis? Three Bite Size Opportunities: Monday 20th August 1:30-2:15 in the Exhibition Hall

You know that spend analysis and spend management are hot topics in public procurement. You want to find out more about the benefits and how your organization can get started, but don’t want to sit through another long presentation. You are welcome to attend one, two or all three of the following mini sessions which will demonstrate how you can use data to drive efficiencies in your organization. 1:30-1:45 will cover using spend analysis to identify and manage maverick spending. 1:45-2:00 will cover using spend analysis to identify potential process efficiencies and get better visibility and control over pCard spend. 2:00-2:15 will cover using spend analysis to do collaborative analytics to proactively identify collaborative purchasing opportunities with your neighboring organizations.

Session 4 - Where Did All the Money Go? Two Members’ Experiences with Spend Analysis: Tuesday August 21st, 1:45-3:15

How much do we spend? Who do we spend it with? What do we buy? Can we give accurate answers to these questions in a timely fashion? If we can't define our spend, how will we ever control it? These are just a few of the questions the presenters were facing that led them toward "spend analysis". Learn what the New York City Department of Administrative Services and Mississippi State University did to seek answers to these questions and about their continuing journey toward greater control of their organization’s expenditure.

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"Working with the outputs from the Spikes Cavell Observatory will enable UI’s procurement team to offer more effective support to the budget holders with the goal of ensuring optimum value is achieved for every $dollar spent on goods and services."

Chris Johnson - Director of Contracts and Purchasing Services, University of Idaho