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Association of School Business Officials International annual meeting, seattle 2011Spikes Cavell to present at Association of School Business Officials International – "Go for the Experience"

School districts around the world face the challenge of providing the best education possible with ever-dwindling resources. With better access to information about how much is spent, on what, and with whom, purchasing and procurement teams can make significant contributions to their districts’ bottom line and reduce costs without harming the education experience of their students.

Richard Gay from Baltimore County Public Schools and Jonathan White form Spikes Cavell will be presenting, “Transforming school procurement through better spend visibility, cooperation and measurement,” together at the ASBO International Annual Meeting & Expo held from the 16th to the 19th of September in Seattle, Washington.

“Some Things Can Only Take Place Face to Face.  Interacting with people — meeting in the moment, person to person.  It's the key to success for Seattle's famous Pike Place Market and is just one of the many benefits you'll enjoy by attending ASBO International's 2011 Annual Meeting & Expo.”

More information: http://www.asbointl.org/2011AnnualMeeting/5490.htm

Published: 7/25/2011

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"The spend analysis was something that was sorely needed at Tampa. Spikes Cavell and the Observatory are going to help us streamline in a lot of areas."

Gregory Spearman - City of Tampa