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Herndon, VA – 20th March 2014  – Spikes Cavell Analytic Inc.’s services, including Software as a Service (SaaS) applications designed for business users to access cleansed, classified and enriched spend management information, are now available from Insight Public Sector through a reseller agreement.  This arrangement will make it easier for government and higher education organizations to buy professional spend analysis solutions through a respected provider of hardware, software and related services solutions on an existing US Communities contract.

InsightLengthy contract administrative processes can get in the way of public organizations procuring the best business solutions.  Insight helps by presenting a way for government organizations to acquire, implement and manage approved cloud computing solutions within their business environment. Within the Insight environment is an array of cloud offerings from industry leaders wrapped with support services and expert resources to centralize management and control for a diverse range of hosted solutions. The result is more choice and more control of computing in the cloud.

Jonathan White at Spikes Cavell said, “Every public organization needs clear visibility of how much is spent, on what and with whom so that they can efficiently and effectively manage their expenditures and vendor relationships.  Spikes Cavell currently provides this visibility through our cloud based spend analytics services to over 80 public sector and higher education organizations across the country.  Working with Insight makes it much easier for other organizations, who know that they need better data and access to information to drive their strategic sourcing initiatives to procure the services they need.”

You can purchase Spikes Cavell products and services through Insight Public Sector here.

About Spikes Cavell

Spikes Cavell has been the leading provider of SaaS spend analytics applications to hundreds of Public Sector organisations over the last 9 years. During that time products and data enhancement processes have evolved to meet the changing need for more complex reporting, often where high quality input data is not available. The suite of SaaS applications now include spend analysis, contract compliance, economic development, the reporting of performance measurement, procurement key performance indicators (KPI), delivered savings and transparency of public sector spend.

About Data Transformation

Public sector spend, contract and pricing data is often incomplete, inappropriately classified and distributed across financial management and purchasing systems that are only partially integrated. This “data deficit” renders the analysis and management of spend difficult, time consuming, expensive and unreliable.

Our sophisticated, scalable and public sector specific methodology addresses the “data-deficit” by rapidly transforming your spend, vendor and contract data into actionable business intelligence regardless of the completeness, accuracy or fitness for purpose of the source.

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