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GovonomySpikes Cavell join the GOVonomy reseller program to provide Spend Analysis services to the US Federal Government

GOVonomy’s goal is to drive increased public value through private growth by regularly introducing cost-effective, cutting-edge, targeted technology products and productized services that specifically address the challenges and opportunities facing the public sector.

Typically, government buyers have large technology budgets but have little success attracting smart, innovative startups and growth companies to submit proposals for their RFP’s. Startups and growth companies have few resources to create a public sector marketing program and sell effectively to the $200B government marketplace. GOVonomy is the nation’s first marketplace that addresses both these problems efficiently and effectively.

GOVonomy connects public organizations with new technology products and productized services from startups and growth companies. Additionally, GOVonomy helps arrange strategic discussions, demonstrations and pilots for increased understanding, education, purchasing and integration of these emerging technologies for the public sector. GOVonomy also has a boutique reseller program with a GSA schedule and a sophisticated online catalogue at to showcase growth company technology products and productized services.

You can purchase Spikes Cavell products and services through GOVonomy here.