Savings, efficiencies, policy direction, better budgeting and planning, risk management, increased transparency…

The National Association of Counties recognize that every county in the US is held politically accountable for the taxpayer dollars they spend. They have worked with U.S. Communities, the other Founding Sponsors of U.S. Communities and Spikes Cavell to create a research paper which sheds light on how county government officials can use spend data to save taxpayer dollars, promote local economic growth, inspire confidence and manage risk, and create transparency within communities. The points raised in the research paper apply to every county, big or small, urban or rural, in every state.

Solving the problem of poor spend visibility

Accurate, reliable and easy-to-access visibility of how much is spent, on what and with whom, is something which many US county governments lack.  However, there are significant, recognizable, and actionable benefits to solving the problem of poor spend visibility for county government leaders.