Procurement Analytics will be central to any business leader’s success in modernizing and industrializing the procurement operating model.

Wherever you are on your procurement analytics journey, Spikes Cavell can help you take the first or next steps in Procurement Analytics.

Data driven automation of routine procurement operations, combined with sophisticated, accessible analytics, will allow skilled procurement professionals to focus on strategic objectives.

While understanding how much is spent, on what and with whom is important as a baseline, procurement leaders are rapidly moving beyond, “How much did we spend on…?” to “What value did our processes and decisions add to our organization?”

We have spent the last 14 years working as trusted advisors to senior procurement and finance professionals helping them use data to make these moves and deliver value to their organizations.

    • Did we get at least $1.00 of value from every $1.00 we spent?
    • How can we use data to change the focus from the price of the product being purchased to focusing on whether or not the purchase meets the needs of our organization?
    • What impact did procurement business process change have on internal stakeholders’ ability to get their jobs done?
    • What parts of the sourcing, P2P, contract and supplier management processes can we automate, freeing up our staff for more strategic activities?
    • Did our choice of supplier/good/service provider have a positive or negative impact on our external customers and public perception of our organization?


There is no magic black box that can turn poor quality, incomplete and inconsistent data into analytical gold.  Spikes Cavell brings experience, diligence, process automation, reference data, and pragmatism to your procurement analytics requirements.

... years serving as trusted advisors to senior procurement and finance professionals delivering procurement analytics solutions

... customers served including Fortune 500 companies and an entire country, many for 5+ years

... billion dollars of spend data transformed across large, complex organizations with multiple data sources

... procurement and finance data sets analyzed and transformed

Latest Articles

“Working with our copier supplier in 2009 we negotiated a one year extension of the contract which netted the City a $67,000.00 savings to the overall budget.”

— Bill Ward, City of Lee’s Summit

“With the detailed information we get from our spend analysis, procurement is in a different role than we have been historically. We can become the internal consultant. Departments can approach us for help with their business problems.”

— Bill Ward, City of Lee’s Summit

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