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Analytical Insight

Providing you with a procurement "savings delivery" blueprint

Our data-driven analytical solutions are driven by the direct observation of the achievements of our customers efforts to transform the way they procure goods and services.  Combining the Savings Opportunity Assessment, the 10 Point Plan and the Observatory's SPEND & CONTRACT ANALYTICS functionality will deliver a pragmatic procurement "savings delivery" blueprint as well as the methods and tools required to support effective execution of your action plan.

Easily identify opportunities to save money

The blueprint will make it much easier to analyze your transformed spend data to rapidly identify opportunities to save money and improve process.

Achieve realistic evidence-based "savings outcomes"

You can support the delivery of evidence based "savings outcomes" that are realistic and achievable.

Identify opportunities for improvement

Our tools will help you to identify where best practice already exists and where there are gaps that represent opportunities for improvement.

  • Savings Opportunity Assessment

    A data-driven summary analysis of the potential for procurement related savings.

  • 10 Point Plan

    Procurement improvement initiatives that have been proven to have the potential to deliver efficiencies.

"The spend analysis was something that was sorely needed at Tampa. Spikes Cavell and the Observatory are going to help us streamline in a lot of areas."

Gregory Spearman - City of Tampa