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Analysis: Savings Opportunity Assessment

Understand your potential for procurement related savings

The Savings Opportunity Assessment is a data-driven summary analysis of the potential for procurement related savings against each of the steps in the 10 Point Plan and is designed to provide a cost-effective first step and a push in the right direction to quickly realize savings opportunities.

Identify savings and improvement opportunities quickly

This process makes it much easier to rapidly identify opportunities to save money and improve your procurement process.

Prioritize your procurement resources on the highest cash returns

We help you to rank your opportunities. This allows you to prioritize scarce procurement resources on the initiatives that will deliver the highest cash return.

Provide evidence of realistic savings outcomes

We support the delivery of evidence based "savings outcomes" that are realistic and achievable.

Cost-effective assessment

You can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort you would otherwise need to invest in the analysis of your spend data.

Assess your potential to deliver cash savings and create process efficiencies in 10 key areas.

"Once we saw the Spikes Cavell Observatory it was immediately obvious to us that it had the potential to solve the statewide visibility issue within minimal time."

Norma Hall - State of South Carolina Budget & Control Board