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Making collaboration easier

The COLLABORATE functionality in our Observatory fundamentally alters the dynamics of effective collaboration. It makes it easier to identify the suppliers and analyze the spend you have in common with other public sector bodies.

Assess where buying with other organizations will achieve lower prices

COLLABORATE will help you assess which categories of goods and services present the best opportunity for saving money. It looks at where aggregating spend with other buying organizations to buy in larger volumes would lead to lower prices.

Determine which suppliers to negotiate improved terms with as a group

COLLABORATE enables you to determine which suppliers present the best opportunity for negotiating improved terms, when you approach the supplier as a group rather than individually.

Assess which public body spends the most with a certain supplier and is best to lead negotiations

COLLABORATE can also the support buying organizations by showing which public body spends the most with a given supplier and who, as a result, may be best placed to lead negotiation for a collaborative group.

Assess the economic impact of group purchasing with a specific supplier or a certain category of spend

Improve your ability to accurately assess the economic impact of addressing a supplier or a certain category as a group.

Helping you see where to COLLABORATE spend with other buying organizations.

COLLABORATE has been designed to enable you to interrogate your transformed spend data and generate the charts, graphs, tables and lists that deliver the data and insight you need to more effectively COLLABORATE your spend with other buying organizations.

  • Identify common suppliers

    See the suppliers who are generating the highest revenues from the group you've chosen to analyze.

    Discover the suppliers that are currently supplying every member of the group.

    Discover what proportion of your spend overall is with suppliers common to at least one other public body.

  • Understand the group's impact on suppliers

    See how much the group spends locally and with small and medium sized businesses.

    Find where the group is spending with suppliers that are new or recently formed businesses.

    Find suppliers that are overly dependent on the group for the bulk of their income.

    See the categories of good or service have the highest incidence of spend with common suppliers.

"Spikes Cavell was able to complete the project two weeks ahead of schedule with the team being beyond helpful. We are already zeroing in on initial opportunities for collaboration and savings – and we expect a great deal more moving forward. Spikes Cavell has performed beyond our expectations."

Tom Roberts - CSU Officer of the Chancellor