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Spend analysis education for NIGP members

NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement and Spikes Cavell Analytic build on strategic alliance by delivering education for the benefit of the association’s more than 16,000 members.

NIGP - the Institution for Public ProcurementEducational material focused on aspects of procurement and the use of expenditure data that are becoming more important as public procurement teams focus becomes increasingly strategic.

Herndon, VA – 2 July 2012  – NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement and Spikes Cavell Analytic Inc., continue to strengthen their long standing strategic alliance by delivering educational material aimed at helping the association’s more than 16,000 members understand how the analysis of spend can be leveraged to transform the way the public sector procures goods and services. In May 2012 alone, Spikes Cavell’s staff delivered education sessions at NIGP chapter meetings and conferences in Texas, Illinois, Missouri and Oregon. The educational presentations all focused on aspects of procurement and the use of expenditure data that are becoming more important as public procurement teams move from a tactical approach to procurement to a more strategic approach, while simultaneously dealing with the challenges posed by budget cuts and more frequent calls for spend transparency and citizen engagement.

The material developed by Spikes Cavell specifically for the NIGP membership includes:

  • An Introduction to Spend Analysis and Spend Management – A system independent view of how a public sector organization should go about carrying out a spend analysis exercise, the common pitfalls, and the types of spend management projects which can result in savings delivery for the organization.
  • Developing a Savings Delivery Blueprint – A demonstration of how to take the data from a spend analysis project and turn it into a step by step plan for delivering procurement savings over the short and medium term.
  • How to Measure Savings and Demonstrate Value – An overview of the challenges and opportunities presented when a procurement team begins to actively quantify the value that they bring to their organizations in hard dollars and cents, and a presentation of a tool called Measure which is available free of charge to NIGP national agency members.
  • Spend Transparency in the Public Sector – An overview of the challenges that public sector organizations are or will face as elected officials, pressure groups, and general citizens demand greater public transparency of where public dollars are spent.

Tina M. Borger, Director of Research, NIGP said: “After partnering with Spikes Cavell in 2008 to conduct research on spend analysis in the U.S. public sector, we were excited about the opportunity to provide education and tools to support this important function of public procurement. While we cannot claim to have foreseen the Great Recession, it was obvious that better data and better visibility of public spend would be key drivers in strategic procurement. NIGP is fortunate to have a partner dedicated to educating the public sector in spend analysis, delivering savings, and providing transparency in spend. The training that Spikes Cavell provides to our members and Chapters through webinars and meetings/conferences – at little or no cost – is invaluable!

Jonathan White, Director, Spikes Cavell Analytic Inc., said, ‘Talking about data for extended periods of time and keeping it interesting can be a challenge, but I believe we’ve achieved that in these workshops. The feedback from these presentations has been great and we’re grateful to NIGP and its Chapters for the opportunity to present each and every workshop. Their hospitality at each and every conference we attend has been fantastic.’

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