Actionable Analytics, Easily Accessed

Spikes Cavell’s solutions are all about enabling your procurement, finance and management folk to get quickly to the management information they need to drive business decisions that will make a difference. But good data isn’t any good if it can’t be effectively leveraged by the folk whose decision-making the data is designed to support. Our solutions are designed to help you:

And that begins with data that is fit-for-purpose and actionable. Our hybrid data transformation methodology is an effective combination of people, process, data and technology that has been designed to deliver the best possible analytical outcome, regardless of the quality of the source data. We transform, improve and add-value to the raw data in your financial management, e-procurement and purchase card systems to deliver a rich, organized and complete picture of the totality of your organization’s spend on bought-in goods and services. Our analysts are actively involved throughout the data transformation and enrichment process, making decisions that no business rule or computer program can. That’s why we can confidently commit to categorizing 97% of your spend by value.

But good data isn’t any good if it can’t be quickly and easily accessed by the procurement, finance and management folk whose decision-making the data is designed to support. That’s why our dedicated in-house development team has devoted more than 10 years to building a modular suite of online analytical tools that are not only intuitive and easy-to-use, but designed very specifically for non-analysts to get quickly at the management information they need.

I chose Spikes Cavell not only because they were able to transform our spend data into something ready for analysis, but also because the pre-built reports in the Observatory meant that I had immediate access to exactly the information I needed, giving me some firm foundations to stand upon.

Denislava Ivanova, Homes for Haringey (London, UK)


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