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Webinar TrainingObservatory Training

A selection of Observatory training videos and online training sessions covering all aspects of the Observatory

  • Observatory: Getting Started

    This session will look at key aspects of the Analyze, Compare and Collaborate tools. Helping you get started with analyzing your spend, making comparisons to others and looking for new collaborative opportunities.

  • Uploading Contracts

    This session has been designed to get you started with the Contract tool. Giving you everything you require to start identify maverick spend and tracking spend with contracted and non-contracted suppliers.

  • Measure: Recording and Reporting Delivered Savings

    This session is aimed specifically at users of Measure. This will take you through the steps needed to start recording and reporting your efficiencies and savings.

  • Advanced

    Advanced user training sessions and refresher training sessions are available on an ad-hoc basis. Please contact the support team to arrange a session tailored to your needs.

"You guys are phenomenal. If I have a question about anything, there’s always someone to answer it. Our account manager is excellent to work with and spends time teaching us how to get value from the data in the Observatory."

Bill Ward - City of Lee's Summit